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Trial Stay Services

a conference & event concierge, exceeding expectations

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M2 allows your trial team to focus on winning the case. We ensure that when the team arrives the facilities are available and ready. The team can walk in, sit down and start to work. Your team can focus on their expertise and M2 will handle the rest.

2 sources & manages an average of 30-50 trials annually, all over the country. We understand the unique circumstances that the trial team/firm has when it comes to accommodation selection, undetermined length of stay, war room requirements, as well as special contract considerations.

Accommodation & War Room Sourcing/Stay Management package

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Accommodation/War Room Sourcing

M2 understands that trial stays are unique long-term stays. The actual start of the trial is always in question, considering the possibility of dismissal, settlement, continuation, etcMore

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Trial Stay Management Services

M2 will analyze the overall budget for the trial stay as well as any war room facilities. We calculate the cost per day to provide the firm/client with an accurate estimate as to the costs to be expected for varying lengths…More

Allow our team the opportunity to source/manage your next trial accommodations/war room…

How the process works…

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The INITIAL step is to contact M2 !

M2 will provide you with a single point of contact while planning your trial stay. We will not only work with the properties for your stay, we will also interface any and all outside vendors. This includes, but not limited to, transportation, IT, audio-visual as well as any war room space requirements. Our associates are here to listen, ask questions, and provide support so you can focus on meeting…More

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Who we are…

“a team of dedicated hospitality professionals, serving clients with honesty, integrity and value while exceeding expectations…
“we understand both sides of the equation”

What we do…

We simplify the entire conference/event process from site search, review and selection process, planning & execution, through billing reconciliation and post-event evaluation. We can do part of the task or the entire task. Whatever level of involvement is required.

Contact us…

M2 Hospitality LLC
2520 Coral Way Ste 2242
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Telephone: (786) 284 1291